Four Years of Reinvention

Over the past 4 years, we have produced 6 sold out Impact99 events, with the theme evolving from social media (2011) to building a social workplace (2012) to our most successful Summit in 2013, about Reinventing the Workplace.

After a year away from hosting an event, we hear you! You want more.

More Inspiration. More Real Stories. More Connection with Innovators.

More resources and tools to move your organization forward.

This year, we’re bringing more of the Impact99 experience to a new event: The Reinvent Work Summit.

We’ll answer questions like:

In 2013 at Impact99 HR Summit, we talked about reinventing the workplace, and shared ideas about what is possible. This year, we go deeper and share HOW your peers are re-organizing their workforce, changing culture, and engaging employees and customers in innovative ways. Interact with our speakers and learn about the challenges, how they’re getting through them, and the results they’re getting by reinventing work.

Who should attend?

What to expect:

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