Introducing the Experts on our Reinvent Work Virtual Panel

On the afternoon of May 19th, we will have the opportunity to learn about, ask about, and glean vital actionable knowledge in 4 different ways of reinventing work!

In 2013, at Impact99, we introduced you to the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), but that is only one way of reinventing work! This year, we’re bringing you:

Cali Ressler 
Brian Robertson 
 Doug Kirkpatrick
Self Management
Derek Wade
Agile Work
Cali_bookheadshot Headshot - Brian Robertson - 2015-02 DKPicture copy derekwwade_IG_mid

So bring your questions and get ready to learn and be inspired to reorganize how work gets done in your organization!

Posted May 04, 2015 in: Reinventing Work, Summit Speakers by Pam