Speaker Intro: Mark Babbitt, Co-Author of A World Gone Social

I am so excited to be bringing  Mark Babbitt, CEO of Youtern, President of Switch And Shift, and co-author of A World Gone Social, to the Reinvent Work Summit!

I first met Mark on twitter, where I meet many amazing people! I loved interacting with and learning from Mark in 140 characters, and then in 2013, I had the opportunity to be part of the Work Revolution Summit in New York City and met Mark in person. He is insightful, down to earth and a truly social leader (which he knows a lot about!).

Mark will be one of our TED style speakers, talking about Culture In A World Gone Social, and he has generously offered to facilitate one of our Collaboratory sessions all about Engaging Millennials In A World Gone Social as well!

So bring your questions, tweet and meet Mark ahead of time, and get ready to be Socialized!

Posted April 28, 2015 in: Reinventing Work, Summit Speakers by Pam