Speaker Intro: Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding, Reinventing Culture!

2015-02-13 12.36.03You are going to love Tony Gareri.

I mean it – he is the real deal when it comes to a CEO who cares about people and culture. Rebecca (our awesome ReInvent Summit Intern) and I got a chance to meet Tony a couple of months ago at Roma Moulding. After a tour and introductions to employees in all variety of functions, we sat down and heard Tony’s story of culture change.

I don’t want to give it all away here because you’ll hear it directly from Tony on May 19th, but here are the highlights:

  • Roma Moulding Values

    Roma Moulding Values

    Roma Moulding is a 30-year old, family-owned manufacturing business which until just over 3 years ago had a very traditional culture

  • Tony, Roma’s current CEO, was unhappy, as were employees across the organization, which was struggling with the effects of the economic recession
  • After a chance discussion in Vegas and some inspiration from Zappos, Tony decided that a culture revolution was needed at Roma
  • Tony started with working with the team to create core values that everyone could truly get behind and live by
  • The Values have now become part of the way they work together at Roma, how they recognize each other, and more
  • The culture of positivity, fun, creativity and passion is palpable as soon as you enter their offices at Roma Moulding – from the design of the office, to the music playing, to the bell that, when rung, causes cheering and fun – but especially through the conversations you have with the highly engaged employees and with Tony

During my last visit to Roma Moulding, Tony and I shot this quick video intro. Check it out and then join us on May 19th at the Reinvent Work Summit to hear how Tony made such a revolutionary change to culture!

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